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Our Results Matter

Case results matter, and with hundreds of successful verdicts and settlements for our clients, our results speak for themselves.   We know that when you are seriously injured, you need someone to stand up for you.  The attorneys at Conchin, Cloud & Cole have the depth of knowledge, skills, and experience to provide powerful assistance in even the most technical cases.  We have successfully prosecuted cases against companies and other defendants, both large and small.  We always represent our clients to the best of our abilities to get them the compensation they deserve.  We have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients over the years and we are not afraid of the courtroom.

Recent Case Results

ATV Injury  – $632,000 Jury Verdict

A jury recently awarded Gary Conchin’s client $632,000 for injuries and damages suffered in an ATV accident.  Our client was riding in a Polaris ATV as a Polaris salesman drove during a test drive.  The salesman was driving too fast during a turn, and the ATV flipped onto its passenger side, causing serious physical injuries to our client.  The client underwent multiple back surgeries, and will require more in the future.  Our client also owned his own business, but was unable to work due to his injuries which caused substantial lost wages.

Business Loss Claims  – More than $6,000,000 Recovered Against BP

The BP Deepwater Horizon explosion tragically affected Alabama citizens and businesses for years.  Joe Cloud has fought for people and companies throughout the State of Alabama in getting them the compensation they deserve.  BP has paid our clients more than $6 million due to Joe’s constant efforts.  While the time for filing BP economic loss claims has past, Joe’s battle is not over.  He has several cases still on appeal and will continue to work in 2017 to ensure our clients are fully compensated.

Tornado Property Damage Claim – $1,800,000 Jury Verdict in Tuscaloosa County

The April 2011 tornadoes that swept across the State of Alabama caused millions of dollars in property damage.  In the wake of the destruction, insurance companies did not want to pay for their insured’s damages.  Gary Conchin and Kenny Cole represented the owners of the University Village Apartment Complex, a 1,200 unit apartment complex that houses thousands of University of Alabama students, which was directly in the path of the Tuscaloosa tornado on April 27, 2011.  Amazingly, the apartment complex’s insurance company disputed that our client’s damages were caused by the tornado and even filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to declare that it was not responsible for the obvious damages.   After four days of presenting evidence to the jury in a Tuscaloosa federal court, Gary and Kenny were able to obtain a jury verdict in the amount of $1,822,000.

Automobile Injury – $1,700,000 Jury Verdict

Aaron Ryan recently received a $1.7 million jury verdict in Utah to compensate our client after she was seriously injured in a car wreck.  With no location being too far when our clients are seriously injured, Aaron flew across the country to ensure our client got the compensation she deserved.  After presenting evidence for five days in federal court, the jury returned a $1.7 million verdict.

Automobile Injury – $1,100,000 Jury Verdict in Limestone County

Joe Cloud and Aaron Ryan successfully represented our client and obtained a $1.1 million verdict in an underinsured motorist claim.  Our client was a 28 year old elementary school teacher who was seriously injured when her vehicle was rear-ended by another motorist.  The force of the collision drove both her knees into the dashboard, which caused serious cartilage and ligament injuries.  Joe and Aaron had a former U.S. Olympic team doctor and the current Ohio State University team physician testify and explain our client’s serious injuries to the jury.  Our client’s underinsured motorist insurance carrier made no offers prior to trial, and Joe and Aaron presented the evidence to a Limestone County jury.  The jury returned a $1.1 million verdict.

Automobile Injury – $717,000 Jury Verdict in Madison County

Gary Conchin received a $717,000 jury verdict against State Farm  in Madison County, Alabama in an uninsured motorist action.  The Plaintiff was a college student at the time of the collision and his injuries prevented him from working.  State Farm, however, refused to recognize his serious injuries for years.  After a week-long trial, Gary proved the serious injuries to the jury, which then awarded our client $717,000 in damages.

Past Case Results

  • $42.3 million jury verdict in a  breach of contract case
  • $17 million arbitration award for a technology company against a corporate defendant for breach of contract and fraud
  • $13 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case
  • $10.8 million recovery for a wrongful death caused by an 18-wheeler
  • $10.75 million settlement in a product liability case involving a medical device that caused injuries and death
  • $10 million recovery in a wrongful death case caused by a drunk driver
  • $6.6 million settlement in a commercial fraud case
  • $5.2 million arbitration award for a commercial client in a case involving fraud and negligence
  • $5.1 million jury verdict in a wrongful death case
  • $4.4 million settlement obtained for our client who was paralyzed in an automobile collision
  • $4 million settlement obtained for our client who was injured in a collision with an 18 wheeler
  • $3.5 million settlement obtained for our client who was injured in an explosion at an industrial plant
  • $3.3 million settlement due to an employer’s failure to pay worker’s compensation medical benefits
  • $3.3 million settlement for a client who sustained injuries at a construction site
  • $3 million settlement in a case involving a defective automobile fuel tank
  • $2.75 million jury verdict in a case arising out of a cave-in at a construction site
  • $2.5 million settlement for occupants of a transit vehicle
  • $2.2 million settlement for an amputee arising out of an industrial accident
  • $2 million recovery for a bicycle accident with a pizza delivery driver
  • $1.4 million recovery for in a defective blasting caps case
  • $1.3 million recovery for a client who was exposed to vaporous acid
  • $1.3 million recovery in a case involving fraud and bad faith by an insurance company
  • $1,25 million settlement for injuries to a motorcycle driver
  • $1.1 million jury verdict in a medical malpractice case
  • $1.1 million settlement against a brokerage firm for negligence in investing funds
  • $980,000 settlement in case involving abuse by youth pastor at a church
  • $800,000 settlement in a legal malpractice case
  • $750,000 recovery in a case involving an eye injury caused by a defective product

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