Client Testimonials

Hard to talk about the people of this law firm without getting emotional. There isn't a single person working in this law firm that didn't go out of their way to stand up for me and my family. They have been amazing. Truth. Courage. Integrity. Conchin, Cloud and Cole symbolize all that the legal system should be.

Jeanie Kindred

I would like to take this opportunity to express the admiration I have for Kenny Cole. This last year has been a very traumatic time for myself and my children. He was so impressive in the courtroom they referred to him as a hired gun from Houston! The defense witnesses had to feel they had been chewed up and spit out after Mr. Cole got through with them on the witness stand... Mr. Cole's handling of my case was top quality all the way. His expertise and care was overwhelming.

Julie Swan

Just a short note to say thanks for everything. You did a great job. I was very proud of you and the way you handled things.. I met and came to know a wonderful, very aggressive and very sharp attorney... God bless you, Kenny and again, thanks for a job well done.

Pam Sims

I am sincerely grateful for the marvelous effort you put forth in prosecuting my case. Your capabilities and dedication to the client are first-rate. During the process of this experience I collected insights into Kenny Cole that I greatly admire; genuine leadership demonstrated, moral principles placed into practice highlighting adherence to ethical conduct, loyalty to and respect for our justice system and a degree of thoroughness in preparation of this naive client that enabled finishing well... When appropriate I employ a military analogy to impart a personal heart-feeling. Thus I must say you have undeniably proven to be a "fox-hole buddy" with whom one is in the most excellent company when all is ON THE LINE. I am certain you will accept that statement with the highest degree of honor which it intends.

H. Samuel Cooke

Thanks for your time, efforts, dedication and skill as an attorney in defending our neighborhood's deed restrictions against a ruthless predator. The future of our neighborhood as an attractive family neighborhood depends upon aggressive young people like you.

James Winfrey

We would like to say thank you especially for all of your help in our recent lawsuits. We feel privileged to have had you represent us and hope that if we may ever be of assistance to you that you will not hesitate to call.

Dan and Vivian Futrell

Although I had never been involved in any sort of litigation process before, I had previously assumed that any such experience would be tedious, cold and negative. I cannot express how strongly that was not the case! When I think about Kenny Cole’s role in what was certainly the most difficult part of my life, I fondly remember him as a caring and soulful personal advocate. I felt that I had been taken under his wing during parts of the process that could have been very intimidating and stressful. Whether we ever have another interaction, he will forever have a place in my heart as a sensitive, supportive friend.

Nicole Clark

Thank you so much, for so much. I’m reminded daily of your fight on my behalf, but also of your example of how a good man spreads goodwill to others. This world needs a lot more Kenny Coles. You’ve done so much more for me as a man than you’ll ever know. And more for my case than I will ever be capable of repaying you.

Tim Hall