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Fire, Tornado, and Property Damage Claims

Fires, tornadoes, and storms can destroy and cause extensive damage to your home, business, and property.  The aftermath can leave you and your family without a home or cause your business to lose substantial money.  The compassionate property damage and insurance claim attorneys at Conchin, Cloud & Cole are here to help you when your insurance company does not treat you fairly.

Insurance Claims

We all expect our property damage claims to be honored by our insurance companies.  Unfortunately, all too many insurers are eager to collect your premiums, but reluctant to uphold their end of the bargain when it’s time to cover the cost of property damages.  Many insurance companies routinely deny valid claims with no explanation and they sometimes attempt to avoid payment entirely by blaming the property owner for the loss.  Common strategies used by insurers to deny claims include:

  • Delaying investigation of the site
  • Allegations of arson
  • Browbeating the insured to accept a lower settlement
  • Undervaluing damaged possessions
  • Ignoring evidence to deny a Total Loss claim

If the insurance company investigator is the only official assessing the value of the claim, your property damage settlement is almost certainly going to be far less than if you had an independent advocate assessing your case.   Contact our experienced property damage attorneys today to ensure you receive a fair and full settlement of your property damage claim as quickly as possible.

Insurance Claim Requirements

Insurance companies cover the cost to repair or rebuild a damaged home or business, and usually to replace the building’s contents.  Each insurance policy is unique in the specifics of coverage amounts, deductibles, terms, conditions and exclusions.  The policies are usually long, confusing, and have hidden requirements of insureds.  When you have lost your home, business, or property in a tornado, fire, or storm, our qualified property damage attorneys will help you quickly maximize your recovery so that you can obtain compensation to help you and your family return to your life.

To learn more about what you should do in the immediate aftermath of a tornado, fire, or storm, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Establishing Fault for Fire Damages

If your home, business, or property has been damaged in a fire or by smoke, it is important to know the origin of the fire.  The attorneys at Conchin, Cloud & Cole and our team of expert professionals investigate the site and analyze the origin and progression of the flames.  It is important to immediately investigate the fire to prevent the loss or destruction of crucial physical evidence which could help you in your claim.

Our investigations often discover that fires are the result of someone else’s wrongdoing, and each type of neglectful behavior has a corresponding party who can be held responsible.  For example:

  • An electrician may be installed faulty wiring
  • A service company or the owner of a rental property may have poorly maintained heating equipment
  • A manufacturer may have produced a defective product or faulty appliance
  • The owner of a rental property may have improperly stored flammable materials
  • A propane or gas company may have caused a fuel explosion

If your home, business, or property has been destroyed or damaged in a fire, it is important that you contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Conchin, Cloud & Cole so we can investigate the fire and determine who is at fault.

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