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Premises Liability and Property Hazards

Premises liability and property hazards can take many forms.  Broadly, premises liability claims involve situations when a visitor or tenant who is on a piece of property that is owned by another person or entity has an accident or is injured.  Property owners and operators are obligated to ensure that their property is safe and free from hazards.  If an accident or injury occurs on the property as a result of the failure to maintain a safe and hazard-free environment, the property owner or operator could be held liable.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common type of premises liability lawsuit, but premises liability covers a number of situations.  For example, landlords have duties to provide a safe and habitable home to property renters.  This includes the obligation to ensure the electrical wiring is safe and does not present a fire hazard.  If a fire occurs because of faulty electrical wiring, the landlord or property owner could be liable for any resultant injuries or death.  Other premises liabiliy cases might involve:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Porch/balcony collapse
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Stairway accidents
  • Food-related illnesses and other restaurant accidents
  • Negligent security

Liability for a slip and fall accident or other accident on someone’s property depends, in large part, on the relationship between the victim and the property owner or operator. Property owners and managers have the greatest responsibility to protect invitees, or those persons invited onto the property for the benefit of the owner/occupier. Invitees can include patrons in a restaurant, customers in a retail store, or swimmers at a country club pool.

Property owners and operators must also take reasonable precautions to protect licensees from harm. Licensees are those persons who enter the property with the consent of the property owner, such a social guest in someone’s home.

Property owners and operators often seek to refute liability by arguing that the plaintiff should have been aware of the hazard and taken reasonable precautions. As a result of our extensive experience handling accident and injury lawsuits, the lawyers at Conchin, Cloud & Cole can anticipate these and other common defense arguments so that we are well-prepared to present evidence to support our client’s claim.

In many cases, more than one party might be responsible for the accident and resulting injuries.  At Conchin, Cloud & Cole, our premises liability lawyers seek full and fair financial compensation for our clients, including medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and emotional distress, from any all possible sources. We have a proven track record of success, and we are here to listen to your story.  Contact us today so we can get to work for you.

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