Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Taylor Rouse was quick to set himself apart from his peers. Taylor graduated in the top of his high school class and served as his Senior Class President. In fact, Taylor attended school with, and was a good friend of, the son of Conchin, Cloud & Cole partner Kenny Cole. After Taylor spoke at graduation, Kenny told Taylor to look into a career in law, and to give him a call if he did so. Seven years later, Taylor began his legal career with Conchin, Cloud & Cole. Taylor’s parents taught him the importance of the love and support provided by families, and his father helped Taylor mature far beyond his years at an early age by treating him as an equal. Taylor enrolled in the University of Alabama Honors Program, graduating with a major in Public Relations and minors in English and History. Taylor enjoyed theoretical thinking and the logic associated with making persuasive arguments, and had a desire to pursue a career in which he could make beneficial changes and consistently deal with new issues. For these reasons, Taylor attended law school at the University of Alabama School of Law, where he participated in the Civil Law Clinic. Rather than just staying in the law library, Taylor actively represented individuals in the Tuscaloosa community, providing them with free legal work even before he actually became a licensed attorney.

Experienced Courtroom Attorney

After graduating from law school in 2014, Taylor joined Conchin, Cloud & Cole as an associate attorney. Since that time, he has garnered a tremendous amount of courtroom experience, thereby building upon the foundation he established through his work with the Civil Law Clinic during law school. Taylor has taken numerous depositions and tried cases to conclusion, and has been honored to represent clients in lawsuits involving car collisions, eighteen wheeler wrecks, premises liability, insurance coverage disputes, defectively designed products, commercial litigation, breach of contract cases, landlord tenant law and evictions, negligent electrical wiring cases, defective smoke alarms, and on the job injuries.

Representative Cases

Taylor particularly enjoys working on lawsuits involving defectively designed products. His legal briefs in one such case recently resulted in the trial court denying a product maker’s motion for summary judgment. Thereafter, the case settled in excess of $1,000,000.00. Taylor also has written legal briefs filed with the Alabama Supreme Court. One such case involved a controlling issue of law with which the Alabama Supreme Court had never dealt. The Court agreed with Taylor’s legal reasoning, thereby establishing a legal principle which allows newly appointed estate administrators to move forward with estate administration and thereby protect the assets of heirs from losses resulting from undue stagnation of the legal system. This opinion not only allowed the firm’s clients to prevail in their case, but will protect many citizens of Alabama who inherit assets from their loved ones.


Bar Admissions

Professional and Community Involvement